In the Beginning, there was Nothing, and Nothing soon became lonely.
And so it split itself into Two.
And what shall we make of ourselves? One had asked The Other, and after a moment of pondering, The Other replied:
I shall be the Void, what catches you when you fall. I shall be the Cold. The ground under your feet that gives when its needs are sated. The shadows that you never notice nor credit. I shall be the Deep.
And so it became The Dark.
In that case, I shall be the Heavens, the one that pushes you away. I shall be the Warmth. You will look towards me and strive for me, but I will push your nose away, back into the dirt where you came from, groveling. I will be Untouchable.
And so it became The Light.
And these lines were drawn so that on one side was The Light, and the other was The Dark. And where they touched Something was made.
Isn’t this wonderful? asked The Light.
This hurts, replied The Dark. We are too dissimilar to be Creating. We will make only Monstrosities.
I disagree, said The Light. Let’s look for Similarities.
And we shall place Gods among the Mortals, to lead them, said The Light.
To humble them, corrected The Dark. To remind them of the dirt they are from.
But we shall give them a Spirit. To have them work for something they cannot attain… But perhaps they might be able to, said The Light.
We are Cruel, said The Dark.
We are Kind, said The Light.
I like Mortals, said The Dark.
As do I, said The Light.
I like Mortals because they quarrel. They War and stop and War and stop. They Hate.
I like Mortals because they Love. They would do foolish, foolish things for silly silly reasons.
It appears as though we found our Similarity, said The Dark.
And so it seems, replied The Light.

Concept of the Eclipse